• Benefits of Using a Car Wax Cleaner

    Using a car wax cleaner is a very simple way to remove residue from car paint prior to waxing. Most brands of car wax cleaner are designed to be used after washing but prior to polishing and waxing. Regular washing will remove the surface dirt and grime, but it takes a car wax cleaner to remove the finish dulling surface contaminants that adhere to the paint surface. Some car wax cleaner products contain carnauba or synthetic wax; however, many experts suggest also applying a layer of polish and wax to further increase gloss and protection.

    • Car wax cleaner can remove environmental contaminants left behind after washing, such as tar and tree sap.
    • Car wax cleaner can help to remove minor surface blemishes, such as swirl marks and light oxidation.
    • Most car wax cleaners are made with chemical solvents and are safe for the majority of automotive paint surfaces, including clear coat finishes.
    • Car wax cleaner can help restore the look of faded paint, especially on older cars.
    • Many car wax cleaners also include wax for an added layer of protection.
    • Car wax cleaner is usually safer than rubbing compound and generally requires less effort to use.
    • Car wax cleaner will also act as a car wax remover, which allows the new coat of wax to more easily penetrate the surface and better protect the paint.

    Although there are numerous products available, Meguiar’s and Mothers are some of the best car wax cleaner brands known. In addition, Turtle Wax manufacturers a line of one-step carnauba cleaner waxes in liquid and paste. Regardless of the brand, when used correctly, a car wax cleaner can noticeably improve the appearance of faded or dull paint and help to restore the showroom shine with very little effort.