• Benefits of Synthetic Car Wax

    Synthetic car wax is gaining in popularity because it is more durable than traditional carnauba car wax. The majority of synthetic car products are manufactured with special silicone polymers that bond to the surface, allowing it to better shield the paint. Carnauba wax, on the other hand, sits on the surface and can quickly wear off.

    • Synthetic car wax tends to be easier to use because it requires less effort to apply.
    • Synthetic car polish is a very useful product because it can remove minor swirl marks and light oxidation from the pain surface. Synthetic wax or carnauba wax can be applied over synthetic car polish for added shine and protection.
    • Many synthetic waxes only need to be applied every few months unlike carnauba car waxes that require frequent application in order to maintain protection and shine.
    • Synthetic car wax costs about the same as traditional wax but because it offers longer lasting protection, it may actually cost less in use.
    • Synthetic wax and polish tends to attract less dust to the clean paint surface.
    • Carnauba waxes cause water to bead, which can result in water spots, but the majority of synthetic car wax and polishes allow water to sheet off the surface.

    As with most waxes and polishes, it is best to use synthetic car wax on a clean, cool surface in the shade. Some experts suggest applying a layer of a traditional carnauba wax on top of the synthetic wax or polish for a deeper shine. Synthetic car products, whether they are wax or polish, offer long lasting protection from the elements and help keep a car looking cleaner and newer for longer.