• Benefits of Proper Tire Inflation

    There are actually a lot of things that a driver can do to save money and improve the longevity of his or her vehicle, including proper tire inflation, that are relatively easy to practice. Unfortunately, not all drivers know about these simple tips for vehicle maintenance. Keeping the right tire pressure in all four tires provides better safety and efficiency on the road.

    Benefits of Proper Tire Pressure

    The advantages of having proper tire pressure are so evident that newer vehicles now have what’s called a tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS. For those not lucky enough to be driving one of these newer vehicles, here are the main reasons why the owner of the car or truck should carry around a tire pressure gauge and periodically check their wheels:

    1. Fuel Economy

    Fuel economy is a buzzword in today’s America. It’s also a very important concept. Saving fuel saves money for the driver, but it also cuts down national dependence on foreign oil and reduces the need for costly and harmful oil drilling. Having properly inflated tires gives a vehicle better gas mileage, allowing you to go further with less fill-ups, whether it’s better fuel efficiency in city or highway driving.

    2. Less Wear on Tires

    It’s also true that good tire pressure means tires won’t wear out as quickly. Along with other tire tips like tire rotation, alignment and balancing, keeping tire pressure accurate will decrease the issue of “bad wear patterns,” where some parts of the tire can get worn down quickly. Avoid return visits to the tire shop by keeping the right amount of air in each tire.

    3. Avoiding Accidents

    Good tire pressure also provides better handling in a vehicle. When tire pressure is low, on the other hand, the risk of some kinds of accidents can increase. When the vehicle is not as able to maintain traction on the road, driving gets generally more dangerous. This is another prime reason why drivers who know about the best car maintenance procedures always make sure that their tires are holding the correct amount of air pressure.

    The idea of adding air to a tire is pretty simple. The problem is that all over America’s many communities, there are plenty of gas station air pumps that are simply worn out and have bad connections, incorrect gauges and other significant problems. The high number of accessible gas station air pumps is meant to help drivers with this essential maintenance, but too many of these machines actually confuse the driver more when it becomes hard to accurately measure air pressure. Keeping your own well functioning tire pressure gauge and using it instead of the readers on the gas station air compressor nozzles can help ensure proper inflation.

    Those who don’t understand the practice of tire inflation should take a look at the owner’s manual for their vehicle and think about adopting this regular maintenance for keeping their car in better condition, saving money and improving safety.