• Benefits of Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

    Because thicker cables are capable of transmitting more electrical current, the best jumper cables you can buy for your car are heavy duty jumper cables. The thickness of jumper cables is measured in gauge, and the lowest gauge number indicates the thickest cables. Zero gauge cables are half an inch thick, while 40 gauge cables are only .001 inches thick. To help you understand why heavy duty cables are better, the following is a list of the benefits of thicker jumper cables over cheap small ones.

    More Current Flow

    Electrical current, measured in amperes, is an indication of the number of electrons that are flowing through a circuit. High levels of electrical current running through a small amount of conducting material may cause the material to heat up, and if the circuit is left running for too long, the conducting material may be destroyed as a result of this heat. The more conducting material is present, the more current can safely run through the cable. Jumper cables have to transmit enough energy to jump start a car, and if they aren’t thick enough, they won’t be able to get enough current across from battery to battery. Heavy duty jumper cables are more likely to be able to transmit the required amount of electrical current.

    Bigger Clips

    Heavy duty jumper cables come with bigger, stronger alligator clips. This makes for better connections between the two batteries, which reduces the chance that you will have to jiggle the clips around to find a good connection.

    Spark Protection

    Because heavy duty jumper cables are bigger with bigger alligator clips, you can hold the clips further back when you attach them to the battery terminals. This means that you don’t have hold your hands as close to the place where the cable makes a connection, where large sparks may occur.