• Benefits of a Dry Car Wash

    A dry car wash is a term which basically relates to a form of washing your car which does not require water.  Of course, cleaning a car without water is pretty much impossible, so within the formula of a dry car cleaning car wash, water is involved. It is just not the most essential ingredient.

    1 – Savings

    Using a dry car wash kit is beneficial for many reasons. One being that it is eco-friendly. It reduces the need for water, which creates less waste. People who are becoming eco-conscious are trying desperately to find ways of saving money and water by reducing household expenses. Using a dry car wash will assist with this.

    2 – Convenience

    It might not happen often, but on the odd occasions where you are caught out needing a car wash at the last minutes, waterless car wash can help. People who travel for the jobs would benefit a great deal from carrying a dry car wash solution with them for those times when a meeting is called for urgently, and the car must look good for a customer.

    3 – Dealers

    Dealerships can save an absolute fortune by buying dry car wash instead of using the hundreds of gallons of water per week to detail their cars. The costs of using the dry car wash would be far outweighed by the costs of the water bills involved and could reduce their own running costs. Hand car washes could also benefit from using the dry method instead. It saves water, time and it needs no rinsing or drying. The foam and soap concentrates permeate the paint work and clean the car surface to a gleam using specific micro-fiber materials.