• Benefits of a Brushless Car Wash

    A brushless car wash is a fairly new type of car wash option. In theory, it is a surprise that it was not thought up sooner. There are many benefits to this type of car wash, all of which are helpful to your car’s maintenance.

    Car Wash Damage

    When a brush is used, the bristles are not that great for your car. The brush is not good for your paint, and can even scratch your car. The brushless car wash still uses something that will go over your car and touch it, however it will not be a material that is prone to scratching. 

    Car Wash Cloth

    The cloth that is used instead of the brushes are much better for your paint job. An analogy would be cleaning your eyeglasses. Using a towel is not smart since it will scratch. Instead, micro fiber cloths are used and they clean the lenses while not scratching. Micro fiber cloths are the same cloths used in brushless car washes. These cloths will not scratch, which means your finish will be protected well.

    Better Wash

    With these different cloths, different chemicals can be used, and even better ones than the ones in a machine wash. Various cleaners like “Wheel Cleaner,” can make your car look great. The car won’t get scratched with the brushless system, and the best part may be the price. Many car washes advertise themselves as brushless or touchless, and there is not much, if any, added price to have this type of wash done. There aren’t many downsides to this wash either.