• Average Car Wash Prices for Different Services

    Car wash prices for can vary from place to place. When looking for a car wash, keep in mind that there are many different types of services offered. Some places give discounts if you purchase gas from them, while others have coupons that can be downloaded from the Internet. 

    1. Basic Automatic Car Wash

    It consists of a track system that pulls the vehicle along while exposing it to jet sprays of soap and water (touchless or brushless self service car wash). The track system of washing may also have the ability to scrub the vehicle using a system of brushes or towels. These types may include a liquid wax application, usually for an additional amount of money. The typical express car wash costs about $5. With the addition of wax/protectants, underbody wash and tire treatment, the top of the line express car wash runs will run about $12. If selecting any of the automatic express car washes, you will be responsible for vacuuming and cleaning the interior.

    2. Full Service Automatic Car Wash

    This type includes some interior cleaning and application of protectant, and hand drying (towel drying) your vehicle. The full service automatic wash includes everything found in the premium express wash with the addition of a better grade of wax, extra protectants for the exterior of the car and the tires, and includes some form of interior dash and door treatment and interior vacuuming. Typical services performed include:

    • Car wash and wax
    • Vacuuming the interior
    • Cleaning and dusting the dash, doors and windows
    • Application of UV protectant to the interior and exterior surfaces
    • Application of dressing to the tires and exterior trim
    • Cleaning the door jams and adding your choice of fragrance to the interior. 

    The price ranges for these services are from $15 to $30 depending on the selection of services, and the brand and amount of protectant(s) being used. Most places charge extra for larger vehicles. The additional charge can range from $6 to $22 depending on the vehicle.

    3. Detailing

    Detailing services are all performed by hand, and can include some light interior cleaning to complete interior cleaning. These services can include:

    • Hand car washing and waxing
    • Performing light oxidation/scratch removal
    • Cleaning the windows
    • Shampooing and deodorizing the floor-mats, rugs, and seats (if made of cloth)
    • Spot cleaning the headliner
    • Cleaning and dressing the doors, dash and console
    • Cleaning and dressing the tires (including white walls)
    • Cleaning and waxing the wheels and wheel covers
    • Cleaning and shining the chrome
    • Cleaning and dressing exterior vinyl/rubber/plastic
    • Shampooing the trunk and adding a fragrance of your choosing to the interior

    The price range for this type of service starts at $85 for a car or Jeep Wrangler. The starting services include hand car wash and wax, leather conditioning and floor-mat shampoo. As you add more services, the price increases to $210 for a car or Jeep Wrangler. Larger vehicles can cost from $20 to $80 more.