• Are Engine Flushes Safe for Your Car?

    Regular performance of an engine flush is not only safe, but it is a required part of regular engine maintenance, like an oil change, that must be performed in order to ensure a long life for your car’s engine.

    Prevent Thermal Breakdown

    Engine coolant that is allowed to stay in the cooling system for too long is prone to breakdown of its thermal properties. This means that old engine coolant is more likely to boil over when the heat in the engine builds up. This is because over time, the engine coolant loses its ability to transfer heat to the outside air in the radiator, and because the boiling point of the coolant is lowered. Proper engine flushing not only removes rust and contaminants from the cooling system, it also renews the engine coolant.

    Prevent System Contamination

    If you don’t perform a regular engine flush, rust and other contaminants will build up in the cooling tubes in the radiator, eventually blocking the flow of coolant through them. When enough of these tubes become fully clogged, the coolant isn’t able to flow through the radiator, and thus it won’t be able to shed the heat it picks up in the engine. This will very quickly cause the engine to overheat and the coolant to boil over. If your car’s engine overheats violently, serious damage can occur to the engine, which will be very expensive to repair.

    So, if someone tells you that an engine flush isn’t safe, you will now be able to tell them an engine flush is not only completely safe when performed properly, it is absolutely necessary.