• 6 Simple Car Upholstery Cleaning Tips

    Being aware of how to undertake car upholstery cleaning can help you to reduce the amount of money spent on a professional car detailing. Here are six simple tips you can use to clean your car upholstery.

    1. Water

    When using water or steam in the process of car upholstery cleaning, avoid getting it too wet. This will not only mean that it takes longer to dry, but it can also result in water stains and damp if it is not dried effectively. Steam cleaning is ideal for general cleaning as well as stain removal, but you must ensure that the nozzle does not remain in one place for longer than necessary. Using a steam cleaner is the best way to ensure that no chemicals remain in your car from the use of cleaning products.

    2. Cleaning Products

    Auto upholstery cleaning products come in several different forms. You must ensure that the type you use is suitable for the particular upholstery that you have in your car. Take into account the color, age and material when choosing the upholstery cleaner that will be best. Leather requires more specialized cleaning compared to other types of fabric, to avoid water marks and staining.

    3. Technique

    If the upholstery has only been affected by light soiling, avoid leaving any shampoo in place for longer than recommended. Foam shampoos can be the best type to use, because their light texture can make it easier to remove than liquid or cream shampoos. After directly applying the shampoo, a damp sponge should be used to wipe at the surface to remove the shampoo. Rather than using a rubbing motion, dab the sponge or wipe it in only one direction. This will enable you to keep an eye on the extent of the car upholstery cleaning.   

    4. Drying

    Mold can develop when upholstery becomes saturated with water and is not given the opportunity to properly dry. After car upholstery cleaning has been done, use a towel as a blotter to soak up as much excess water as possible and leave the doors or windows open to allow the upholstery to dry quickly.         

    5. Natural

    If you often have children or pets in your car and are keen to avoid the use of chemicals, you can seek out natural ready-made cleaning products. Alternatively, you can use natural products such as white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda or salt which make great stain removers. Using a mixture of these products along with water will ensure that no harmful residue remains on your upholstery. These will also be cheaper than using man-made cleaning products.    

    6. Treatment

    There are some treatments on the market that can reduce the amount of car upholstery cleaning that your car will require, because they will help to repel dirt and stains. The upholstery will need to be in good clean condition before these types of treatments can be applied.