• 5 Secrets of the Car Wash Industry

    Running a car wash is not easy. You require a lot of investment in the machines and you have to make sure you have satisfied customers, irrespective of car wash prices. This is where you have to know the inside tips of the car wash industry. Here is a quick countdown to the best kept secrets of the car wash industry you should know about before you set up your own.

    Secret #5 – Use an Alloy Based Cleaner

    Most car wash companies use an alloy wheel cleanser to clean alloy based wheels. Although this is a pretty aggressive kind of cleaner, it does seem to work well to clean the alloy based wheels. Make sure you find out the best alloy based wheel cleaner possible for your needs.

    Secret #4 – Using Wax Based Shampoos

    Not many people like the car wash company waxing their cars. As a result, companies realize that they can’t really get a wonderful new shine on the car. But using the wax based shampoo makes everyone happy. Customers are not aware of the wax in the shampoo and they are happy with the shine they get after a professional car wash. A few companies will also use water repellent shampoos which will make your car shiny and dry after a cleaning. This is very good for your car in the long run, but this shampoo does not clean cars very well. So watch out for dirt in hidden places or request your car wash company to use a wax-free shampoo.

    Secret #3 – Use of Special Cleaning Cloths

    Most good car washing companies will use professional car washing cloths that make your car really shiny. For example, most routine car wash companies will use chamois cloths that really wick the water off your car. But they do get wet and soggy with time and they start to leave streaks on your car. But this does not happen with Hydro-flexi cloths and blades that that will wick the water off your car without streaking the car paint job. You can also use micro fiber cloths that are used in professional machines to wipe down cars. These are the best way to dry off a car and produce a shine at the same time. But they can be expensive. So combine the use of a hydro blade with a micro fiber cloth to get the best finish without the need for a wax.

    Secret #2 – Silicone Rinses For Wheels

    All car wash companies clean the wheels of cars to preserve the rubber. They apply a coat of silicone to the rubber with special applicators that will make sure that the wheels are shiny and well protected.

    Secret #1 – Waterless Car Washes

    Waterless car washes are great as they preserve water while still making sure that your car is clean.