• 4 Tips for Using a Coin Coperated Car Wash

    A coin operated car wash is a convenient way of cleaning your car without the hassle of going into the gas station and buying a token or key code receipt. There are not a great many coin operated car washes around, but if your town is fortunate enough to have one you can use it for any size vehicle.

    Tip 1 – Lining Up

    When you enter the coin operated car wash, make sure the green light is on. This signifies that the car wash is ready to accept your vehicle on a new wash cycle. Line your vehicle up on the markings laid out in the car wash. There will be clear guides as to how to place your vehicle for the machine to operate correctly.

    Tip 2 – Change

    Some newer machines will accept bills now, where older machines would only consider accepting the correct change. Just in case the coin operated car wash you use will only accept coins, always have the exact and correct change handy to avoid causing a traffic jam behind you.

    Tip 3 – Aerials

    Remove or snap down all aerials and wing mirrors on your car. Once the coin operated car wash begins the cycle, it is too late for you to get out and put your aerial down if you forget, and you can end up having it snapped off. The same applies to wing mirrors or any other protruding items on your car. This can occur in any other car wash which is automated as well as a coin op car wash.

    Tip 4 – Self Service

    As this is a self service car wash, remember that there will not be an attendant on hand, should you run into problems. That is not to say all coin operated car washes are without attendants, but you should bear in mind your car wash may not have an attendant.