• 3 Tips for Recharging a Car Battery

    Recharging a car battery is a fairly simple process. All you have to do is plug the battery charger in, clip its cables to the correct terminals on the car battery, and turn it on for the desired time. You will need a car battery recharger, a grounded power outlet, eye protection and hand protection. Before you decide to recharge a car battery yourself, consider the following tips that will help you make the process as safe and easy as possible.

    Tip 1: Eye Protection

    When dealing with car batteries, especially when they are connected to a power supply, there is always a small chance of something going wrong that may cause the battery to explode or eject harmful chemicals like sulfuric acid. You should always wear safety goggles or equivalent protection that covers your eyes from all angles.

    Tip 2: Add the Right Amount of Water

    To eliminate hydrogen gas from the inside of the battery, you should make sure that the electrolyte solution is filled beyond the level of the lead plates. Since this sulfuric acid solution expands while the battery is charging, it is extremely important that you do not overfill the electrolyte cells before turning on the charger. You can fill them the rest of the way after charging.

    Tip 3: Avoid Overcharging Batteries

    It is very harmful for a car battery to allow it to overcharge. If your car battery recharger has settings that limit how long it will continue to recharge, use them carefully. If it has no such settings, carefully regulate the recharge time yourself.