• 3 Signs of a Bad Car Battery

    When it comes to a bad car battery, there are several signs that indicate that your car may be out of power. Car battery problems are inevitable if you have your battery for a long time, and it can lead to a dead car battery. Here are some ways to see if your car battery drain has started.


    The easy way without going under the hood is to look at the lights on your dashboard. If the battery light is on, there is likely a problem. You can also check the voltage meter that should be located near the temperature dial. When your car is on, the volt reading should be around 14 volts. When the car is off, it should be around 12. If your readings are very off from this, you may have a bad battery.


    The noise that you hear when you try to start your car can tell you all you need to know. If you hear something like a couple of ticks, this could mean you have a bad battery. You may hear nothing at all, and that is because your car isn’t starting due to a dead battery. 

    Under the Hood

    You can also check under the hood to see if you have a bad battery. If you see the leads are corroded, this can be a big problem. You may also see poor connections in the wires, or even splitting. This should lead you to believe that your battery may need to be replaced.