• 3 Gas Saving Myths

    Gas saving myths have been coming out even more so with rising gas prices. Here are some of the top fuel efficiency myths out there. 

    Filling Up in the Morning

    This myth revolves around the notion that it is colder in the morning, so a liquid should be more dense. While this is true, the temperature of the gas is really not that different throughout the day. The gas is in a tank under the gas station, so it isn’t feeling the effects of when the sun comes up and down. It really doesn’t help you save any gas, so don’t wake up early just to go to the pump.


    Putting an automatic transmission car into neutral when going down a hill is the next myth. This really does not work. The savings is so negligible that it is not worth the dangerous risk that this method provides. What if you need to suddenly shift into drive to avoid a car? You probably won’t be able to, and this is not safe. You will gain the same fuel advantages by just coasting and lifting your foot off the gas, while being able to shift if need be.

    Fuel Additives

    Rising costs caused many fuel additives to come out. These additives claimed to be able to increase fuel economy. Normally you dropped a pill or a specially composed liquid into your tank. It would then cause the gas to act differently and save fuel. This was the claim, but the EPA tested over 100 of these devices and almost all of them proved to fail. Only a few actually saved gas, and the results were not incredible, saving only 1-2 percent.