• Which Hybrid Car Manufacturers Are Most Reliable

    There are many reliable hybrid car manufacturers. You just need to look at the top hybrid cars that are classified as reliable. You can find an American hybrid car and European hybrid car among many others.  Many people are so happy with their hybrids that more than 90% would buy another one. Many of the new models being produced use the latest technology which makes them even more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. In the future hybrid cars will get even better.

    • Ford: The best American hybrid is from the Ford Company and is the Ford Escape. This is one of the top ranked for those only looking for American cars. This SUV is one of the greenest and has the best fuel economy of any SUV tested. Ford makes powerful hybrids and you won’t even know that you are driving a hybrid.
    • Honda: The Honda Corporation produces a number of top rated and reliable hybrid cars. These cars are perfect for those that want great fuel economy but do not want to sacrifice power or performance. The Civic is a practical and reliable car. Honda has also produced the Insight, a hybrid electric vehicle. This is one of the most affordable hybrids you can buy in the United States. This car is also the first top selling hybrid in Asia which is the first time this has ever happened.
    • Toyota: Toyota was the main leader in hybrids as they were the first with their Prius. Despite the recent recall Toyota cars are still extremely reliable and the company works hard to make them the best available. The Camry hybrid is also very popular as it uses the Toyota hybrid power train and looks great as well. Toyota also has an SUV, the Highlander, which you can get in all wheel drive or 2 wheel drive. This is a real SUV but you get the fuel economy found in smaller cars; something unheard of in SUVs.
    • Lexus: If you want the fuel efficiency of a hybrid but still want a luxury vehicle then you need to check out what hybrids are being offered from Lexus. The Lexus GS is sleek and classy on the inside and out and you will not even notice you are driving a hybrid as this performance is like driving a V8 engine. This model is the first ever hybrid that uses rear wheel drive. The really high end take on the hybrid car from Lexus is the RX 400h hybrid. This is a mid sixe SUV that uses and electric and gas power train. This is a spot utility SUV that can sit 5 passengers.
    • Nissan: Nissan also offers several hybrids that have some of the lowest emission levels and greatly enhance fuel economy. Their flagship hybrid is the Altima hybrid which is a sedan that uses the latest technology for hybrid engines. All of the hybrid technology used in this vehicle was developed in house and this car meets all of the strictest emission laws in New York, Jew Jersey, New England and California. It gets excellent highway driving fuel efficiency.