• Which Hybrid Car Companies Are Performing the Best and Why

    There are many hybrid car companies out there as most of the main manufacturers are beginning to produce their own versions of hybrid cars. With so many cars it can be difficult to determine which is best. While certain companies have come out on top, the right kind of hybrid vehicle really depends on your own individual needs.


    Ford produces some of the best hybrid vehicles as the hybrid Ford Fusion is one of the most fuel efficient cars. The company manages to fuse the hybrid technology without sacrificing any performance. They use some of the newest technology for their hybrid as well as high quality material. This hybrid design really sets it apart from the others in hybrid cars. The technology is one of the best and you also get a great cabin and sound system to boot. When compared to many other hybrids Ford offers excellent performance, fuel efficiency and affordable prices. The 2010 Fusion was named the North American Car of the year.


    If you are looking for a luxury hybrid then check out what is available from Lexus. Their cars use a hybrid power train but it is contained within a luxury vehicle. In particular Lexus has achieved unheard of fuel economy in their hybrid SUVs. It is really the hybrid engine that sets their cars apart from others as they are low emission vehicles and have the best fuel economy for luxury vehicles.


    Toyota was the main hybrid leader with their Prius and they are still one of the best companies for hybrid cars. The newest hybrids from Toyota are much better than the first Prius as you can chose the type of acceleration though you need to look at other models such as the hybrid Camry if you want really good handling. Even though Toyota has had to recall several models recently they have fixed all issues and made all their hybrids safe again. You can feel sure they will keep striving for excellence.


    Mercury produces one of the most popular midsize hybrid cars. This car is very similar to the Ford Fusion and its fuel economy is only second to that achieved by the Toyota Prius. Besides the hybrid engine Mercury also manages to fully load their cars without hiking up the price tremendously. Additionally driving the hybrids from Mercury does not feel like driving a hybrid but rather a traditional engine car. This is quite unheard of with most hybrids. Mercury is producing very exciting hybrid cars that have seamless transitions between gas engine and electric engine.


    Honda produces some very highly rated hybrid cars that manage to combine a high quality design with excellent fuel economy and keeping everything affordable. The hybrids from Honda are perfect if you are looking for a sporty type of hybrid vehicle. While the hybrid is excellent most drivers love the luxurious interior as it is very sleek. The Honda cars are stylish on the inside and out and they get some of the best gas mileage on highway driving, while most other hybrids do not.