• Which American Hybrid Car Is For You

    The first American hybrid car was made available in the early 2000s, and since then hybrid cars have been produced by some of the major car manufacturers. Why would people want to buy hybrid cars? The well-known actor, Kevin Bacon, had a simple answer when asked why he had a Toyota Prius hybrid. “We have only one planet and we have to protect it”. His main reason seems to be the environmentally friendly aspect, but there are other advantages. Another is that they are cheaper to run which, with the ever-rising price of oil and hence fuel, has to be a big incentive. The Environmental Protection (EPA) showed in a 2005 survey of clean and fuel efficient vehicles, that the first seven places were taken by hybrids.

    Choosing a Hybrid

    Choosing a hybrid car is slightly different than deciding which conventional car to buy. After all, not only are they new on the market but there are plenty of hybrid cars continually being introduced. It doesn’t matter whether they are American, European or Japanese hybrid cars, one needs to be aware of market trends to help in the decision process.

    Another aspect to consider is where you can get good rebates or discounts on the price. Currently hybrids are more expensive, as their production costs are so much higher; as much as four times the amount. If the reason you are buying a hybrid is to save on fuel, you may want to calculate how much fuel you’ll be saving over the lifetime of the car compared to how much more you will be paying it. Mention that to the hybrid car salesperson and perhaps they may offer you a discount.

    If you fancy an electric car, you will be pleased to hear that there are hybrid electric cars. Fans of diesel will be pleased to know they also produce hybrid diesel cars.


    There are a couple of factors to consider when comparing hybrid cars. All factors are important, but which has a higher priority will depend on each individual buyer. The first is the miles per gallon (MPG) figure which gives an indication about the car’s fuel efficiency. The second is the Minimum Recommended Selling Price (MRSP). Finally, there are people who would not consider a car unless it performs well. They enjoy a car that overtakes well, holds onto the road and can go up hills without any sign of strain.

    There are a number of well known brands that currently make hybrids in America. These include Dodge, GM, and Ford. Japanese manufacturers are also marketing them. As far back as 2005, there were already six different models, including the Honda Civic, Insight and Accord.

    Factors to Consider

    There are a number of factors to consider when looking at hybrid cars. Perhaps you would like a hybrid but find the high price tag beyond your means? An alternative would be to look at the second hand market. Even though hybrids haven’t been around that long, there is still a good chance you’ll pick one up.

    Are you still ambivalent about hybrids? Maybe you should think about renting one for a bit so you can try it before you buy.