• Which 2009 Electric Cars are Actually Affordable

    The 2009 electric cars that are currently available in the electric car market are powered exclusively by electricity. The source of power is an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. The energy is stored in the rechargeable batteries that can be charged by household electricity. As electric cars get more affordable, electric car sales are bound to show an upward trend.

    List of Electric Cars:

    2009 Aptera 2e

    This is an all electric car manufactured by Aptera Motors and its starting price is $25,000. The car has a range of 125 miles and the motor has a torque capacity of 60 lbs-feet. It has features such as a keyless entry system, anti-theft system, smart key system, rear window defogger and push button start.


    A California based company called Green Vehicles is the manufacturer of this highly affordable electric car which is priced at $20,000. The Triac is a small, but efficient 3 wheeler and has a range of 120 miles. The lithium-ion batteries can be recharged in 6 hours.

    Reva G-Wiz

    The selling price of this car is $25,000 and it has a range of 75 miles.

    Myers Motors NmG

    This electric car is a 3 wheeler manufactured by Myers Motors and priced at $30,000.

    Nissan 370Z

    The Nissan 370Z is manufactured by Nissan and designed by an Indian. Its selling price is $30,000.

    There are many models of electric cars manufactured by multiple electric car manufacturers and some of them are quite affordable. Electric cars are eco-friendly as they produce no tailpipe emissions, they use no gasoline, and this in turn is very good in a world where petroleum resources are getting depleted. Although they are more expensive to purchase than traditional cars, they are cheaper to operate.