• Where to Find Reliable Hybrid Car News

    Hybrid car news is a little different than other news in that commercial hybrid cars only arrived on the scene in the 21st century. That means that in addition to encouraging sales of the cars, the manufacturers and interest groups need to educate the public to create an awareness which will lead to sales. The news sources will probably be the same as for other cars with slight differences. The following are some news sources.

    • Internet: As can be expected, there are lots of sites on the Internet that refer to hybrid cars. Google gives almost four million, although many of them won’t give news and are just static. You need to be careful, however, when using the Internet for this news, as the emphasis is on quantity rather than quality. For example, even the sites which claim to have “all the information you need about hybrid cars”, could have been set up two years ago and not changed since. This is a big issue in this case as new ideas, inventions, modifications and models are constantly happening due to the worldwide interest in hybrid cars. The bottom line about the Internet in this case is that the sites should be carefully selected.
    • Government Agencies: Government agencies give news about hybrid cars, especially those of leading first world countries. They will report usage statistics year on year, will look for ways to help reduce production costs and, where appropriate, if there is any new hybrid car technology. They will say interesting things such as “In 2008, 1,831 hybrid cars were purchased, compared to 490 in 2007, 113 in 2006 and only 9 in 2005. In the first two months of 2009, 599 hybrid cars were bought and the estimate is that the year will be a record one for hybrids.”
    • News Sources: Traditional news sources will report about hybrid cars if and when there is something to talk about. Manufacturers will use them to launch new products and journalists will be asked to try out and report on the latest and greatest. The car section in your local newspaper will generally have something to say about new hybrid cars that have hit the market.
    • Car Magazines: Car magazines are an excellent source of news but they are probably only of interest to readers who are interested in cars. If you are interested in a particular hybrid car and want to get some news about it, do a search on the Internet and see if you can find an article about it in a magazine. If you do, then buy the magazine as perhaps it may have other relevant information about hybrids. 
    • Wikipedia: While the Wikipedia is part of the Internet, it is possibly a news source that may not usually be considered. The advantage of using Wikipedia for this type of news is that enthusiasts are always looking for places to ‘spread the word’. This site is free and the story they tell is compelling, as the hybrid car is becoming more popular.