• Where to Find New Car Buying Guides

    A new car buying guide can be an invaluable resource once you’ve decided to buy a new car. With so many different models on the market, they can make choosing the one that’s best for you much easier. Luckily, finding a new car buying guide is a relatively easy task, and the following are examples of where they can typically be found:


    There is an endless array of information available with just a click of the mouse these days. Websites such as Autos.com and CarsDirect.com have reviews on new and used cars written by automotive experts. Some websites, such as Edmunds.com, have evaluations from actual car owners; which will give you insight into how reliable a car is and what the ownership experience is like over a long term.


    Most car periodicals are monthly and will include in-depth reviews and comparison tests. These comparisons are helpful if you are deciding between several similar models. Some of the most widely known magazines include “Car and Driver”, “Motor Trend” and “Automobile”. One downside is that these magazines don’t review all models in each edition, and you may have to search for an older copy to find information on the particular car you’re interested in.

    Yearly Publications

    Available at many book stores are annual editions from monthly publications, such as “Consumer Reports”, that have reviews on all models that are currently for sale. It’s an easy way to compare specifications and ratings for all available cars in a single source. The drawback is that the reviews may not be as in-depth as in a magazine.


    Most newspapers have a weekly automotive section with evaluations of new models. Like magazines, they typically won’t have all the available cars on the market in each edition, but the reviews are usually thorough. Additionally, the automotive section will generally be full of ads from local dealerships, which is a helpful tool when you are ready to price and buy your car.

    As this article shows, finding a new car buying guide can be quite easy, and in some cases, they might even already be in your home. Not only will a new car buying guide assist you in your search for a car, it will also help you to make the right decision when the time comes.