• Where to Buying a Reliable Used Toyota Sequoia

    Buying a used Toyota Sequoia is an option many people choose when they want buy a big vehicle, but don’t want to pay big money. There are several options you can choose from when you are ready to buy an SUV, such as a used Toyota sales lot or places recommended by a certified mechanic.

    A Brief History of the Toyota Sequoia

    Made by Toyota Manufacturing Indiana in the United States, the Toyota Sequoia’s first model appeared in the 2001 company lineup of cars. This model is Toyota’s largest SUV and can seat up to 8 passengers. 

    Where to Buy a Reliable Used Toyota Sequoia

    A Certified Used Toyota Dealer

    A Toyota dealership that offers certified pre-owned vehicles is often a place where you’ll find reliable used Toyota Sequoias. A dealership that sells its own make of used cars will take precautions to make sure the used car that will be driven off the lot is in top condition. Certified mechanics at Toyota dealerships will run a 50 or 100-point inspection to make sure all the fluid levels are good, the brakes and tires are safe, and other parts of the Sequoia are in good working condition. Many dealerships today also are beginning to offer a limited return policy that will allow you to return the Sequoia if you weren’t pleased with it for whatever reason.

    A Private Seller

    Since Toyota has a big fan-base, many Sequoia owners keep the SUV in top condition up to the day they’re ready to buy the latest model. A reliable used Toyota Sequoia sold by a private seller will have a clean title and Carfax report. Ideally, the owner will have records of all the routine maintenance and any repairs done to the vehicle. A Sequoia that was well maintained by an owner will have nominal fluid levels, tires that are in good condition and have the correct level of air in them, will look clean inside an out, won’t have any leaks or secrets you’ll find out about later.

    Car Rental Companies

    Car rental companies try to always have the latest, top of the line makes and model available to their customers. After a once-rented Sequoia is a year or two old, the SUV will typically be sold via the rental company’s own sales lot. Fortunately for used-Sequoia shoppers, the websites of the most popular rental car companies will have a specific section that lists all of the retired rentals that are being sold to the public. The benefit of buying a Toyota Sequoia from a car rental company is that vehicle has continuously been kept clean and has followed a recommended maintenance schedule.

    If you are shopping for a used Toyota Sequoia and are in doubt about its reliability, ask if the SUV can be taken for a 24-hour test drive. During that time, take the vehicle to a mechanic you trust so that person can give you their take on the SUV’s condition. It pays to be a little extra careful before making an investment in an automobile, no matter the make or model.