• Where to Buy a Used Prius with a New Toyota Prius Battery

    The Toyota Prius is perhaps the most popular hybrid vehicle on the road todday, and the excellent quality of the Toyota Prius battery is a major contributing factor that has made that the case. If you’re considering purchasing a used Prius, however, you’ll want to make absolutely sure that the quality of the battery is high. Because most people purchase this vehicle for its excellent gas mileage and the environmental friendliness of hybrid vehicle technology, to purchase and drive a Prius that has a worn out battery can sometimes negate the various benefits of utilizing this car in the first place. Your two options for purchasing a used Prius are to test it out first and ensure that the quality of the battery that exists in the vehicle is adequate for your needs, or to buy a brand new battery to go along with the used vehicle itself. More and more people are turning to the second option as a way of ensuring that they get excellent gas mileage that they expect from a vehicle like the Toyota Prius.

    Finding a Used Prius

    In many cases, you’ll be able to find a used Toyota Prius with the old battery still in place. Many private owners especially do not take the time and effort to replace the battery pack in their car before selling it. This can be an inconvenience for you if you’re looking for a vehicle with a new battery instead of the old one, but do keep in mind that private sellers typically offer their vehicles for sale at several hundred or even thousands of dollars cheaper than used car dealers do. Thus, you may consider purchasing a used Prius without a new battery first, then buying the battery separately once you’ve determined which vehicle you have. This can still end up being cheaper than purchasing a used Prius that already has the battery replaced.

    One of the best places to find a used Prius in your area is the CarsDirect car search. This comprehensive online search engine allows you to specify exactly which year and trim model of the Prius you’re interested in, and it also searches for vehicles that are listed for sale according to your state, city or even your zip code. Look to CarsDirect for additional assistance.

    Check out dealerships that specialize in hybrid vehicles or in Toyota cars in your area as well. You may also find success with online classified ads in your area, or with classifieds in the local newspaper.

    Finding a Prius Battery

    There are a variety of websites that specialize in selling new parts for used vehicles. Look to Toyota directly for the best selection of Prius batteries. You may be able to find a cheaper new battery for the vehicle in your own location, so it

    pays to also look around at mechanic shops and car specialty stores in your area as well.