• What to Know When Buying Used Diesel Cars

    There are many different factors to investigate when looking into used diesel cars. Diesel vehicles have been around for many years and are best for those vehicles, such as long haul trucks, that travel large distances. Diesel engines are not suited for short trips to the market. Make sure you look into the specifics of each vehicle, and know that old diesel cars are different from the new diesel cars. 

    Fuel Economy

    The older diesel engines tended to be very smelly and noisy, but with new technology advances, the drawbacks of diesel have been fixed. The new engines can power large pickup trucks and make for excellent fuel economy. It is possible to go a long way on a full tank of diesel. Much further than a full tank of gasoline. In particular, diesel engines are great for doing hard work, as the torque found at low rpms cannot be matched in gasoline vehicles. This makes them perfect for hauling and towing. One of the main reasons that diesel vehicles are not as popular was because of the low price of gasoline. It was less expensive to drive a gasoline vehicle. However, with the increasing gasoline prices, biodiesel vehicles are beginning to become more popular. Do the math to determine how much money you can save off of diesel; particularly the newer diesel vehicles.


    The same features that are found on gasoline vehicles can be found in diesel as they use airbags, anti-lock breaks, plush interiors, and more. The newer vehicles also come with luxury options, and there are many add-ons possible. The different models will have varying interior space and different luggage capacities. Look into the different models and ensure that the vehicle in question has all the space you need.

    Why Buy Diesel?

    There are many reasons to purchase a diesel vehicle over gasoline. This type of engine lasts longer over time, and the cost of diesel is actually less than gasoline. Diesel does not have to go through as many refining processes as gasoline. The emissions are also less than what comes out of gasoline vehicles, and if the vehicle can run off of biodiesel, then it is extremely environmentally friendly. There are many different types of diesel engines, so consider the type of engine that is best for your driving. For practical driving sports engines work well and there are other engines for long haul and larger vehicles.


    As with any used car, having an inspection is important. Something as little as a blown head gasket can prove the engine to be completely broken. Before negotiations to purchase the vehicle, ensure that a qualified diesel mechanic inspects the engine and vehicle. Some of the tests that should be run, include a cylinder leak down test and compression test. If the compression is too low, then the vehicle can be very difficult to start, especially in cold temperatures. Ensure that the diesel injection pump is working. Make sure that the used diesel vehicle has had frequent oil changes, and a documented maintenance history is a big plus. While driving a diesel engine is easy, repairing them is not and can be very expensive.