• What Makes the Best Diesel Car

    Many manufacturers claim that they make the best diesel car, but there are just as many factors in what constitutes the “best.” What people want from a car is reliability, economy and cleanliness. Price is a big factor in the purchase of a car and for most people it is the second most expensive buy they ever make, alongside a house.


    A good diesel car should have many of the mod-cons that other vehicles have as well as a quiet engine. Older diesels were noisy, smelly and clunky but modern engineering has helped produce better diesel cars for the market. With fuel prices creeping higher all the time, diesel is now equally as expensive as gasoline, where it used to be much cheaper. Diesel car emissions are far cleaner than gasoline and they offer better mileage per gallon.


    Diesel car efficiency has vastly improved and therefore they are far more cost effective, compared to their gasoline counterparts. With biodiesel now becoming more popular as a fuel, it is also possible that people can begin to make their own fuel to run the diesel car on, to cut costs even further.


    Unfortunately, because of the engineering that goes into making diesel cars, they do tend to be more expensive to purchase than gasoline vehicles. However, if a driver offsets the extra cost on the price of the car, with the overall running costs and repair costs, there is movement for a good return on their purchase. A diesel car will pay for itself over its lifetime by saving money in other areas of driving, which are not possible with gasoline cars.