• What Is The Used Car Lemon Law

    A used car lemon law offer buyers of pre-owned cars a level of protection that many may think is reserved only for new vehicles. The automobile lemon law coverage on a new car is meant to ensure buyers are protected, should a mechanical or electrical issue render their car inoperable.

    Similar legislation also applies to used cars, but there are a few changes that make it different from the new car lemon law coverage. For starters, a car purchased from a private party is not eligible for any form of lemon law protection.

    In order for a used car to be covered, it must have been sold with a warranty. This includes warranties offered by independent dealers, as well as the balance of any remaining factory warranty. If a used vehicle has a persistent issue that remains unrepairable after a “reasonable” number of attempts, it may be eligible for a buyback. Typically, if a car has been in the shop more than three times for the same issue, the “reasonable” qualification has been satisfied.

    Buyers should be aware that the coverage is not intended to address cosmetic problems, and that lemon law statutes can differ greatly from state to state. If you feel your car may be a lemon, it is a good idea to check your local legislation before taking action against a dealership.