• What is the EV1 Electric Car?

    The EV1 electric car was made by General Motors. It was on the market between 1996 and 1999. Just before the millennium, GM discontinued the EV1 despite some controversy.

    GM Electric Car: EV1 Production

    After GM won accolades for its fuel efficient 1990 Impact model, the company turned to production of a fully electronic car. The EV1 was the result. It came to the market along with a radical move from the state of California via its California Air Resources Board (CARB) that mandated zero-emissions vehicle options for auto makers wanting to sell cars in the state.

    The big auto makers protested California’s decision, and the state began to allow for other options like hybrid cars. Sales of the EV1 suffered, and GM had to do some tricky negotiating to pull it from the market. Critics of the move accused GM of being in collusion with other auto makers and blamed oil interests for the sudden collapse of EV1 production.

    The EV1 turned out to be a precursor to a wide range of vehicles using electric engines to bring fuel efficiency or miles per gallon (MPG) up to a new level. Today’s auto industry is looking toward providing greener vehicles as the country looks at ways to limit carbon emissions. California still provides incentives for drivers to buy vehicles with good fuel economy. Although the fully electric car still has a long way to go, there is more demand for this kind of vehicle than there was in the past. The EV1 will likely be seen as a pioneering effort by GM when electric cars or hybrid vehicles are the new norm.