• What is the Best Diesel Car in Terms of Price, MPG, and Reliability?

    Although many drivers in the United States don’t realize it, they have access to some of the highest-rated fuel economy vehicles, the best diesel car, right at their dealer down the street.

    Reasons for a Buyer to Opt for a Diesel

    • Cleaner than gasoline-engine cars
    • Diesels get far better fuel economy than gas-engine models
    • Diesels are engineered to last because they have to stand up to engine stresses that would leave a similar gas engine a pile of parts in the street

    Top 5 Diesels Found on the Market

    Below is the list of the top five diesel cars which are great in terms of MPG, reliability and price.


    Long a manufacturer of diesel engine cars – their diesels get about one-third better mileage than the same sized gas version and they are surprisingly quick – VW offered their first diesel nearly 40 years ago in this market and they have continued to be the market leader since. In 2010 they are the Jetta TDI and the Golf diesel. Both models turn in about 42 on the highway and a reliable 30 around town. 


    What would you expect from Volkswagen’s first cousin? Of course, you’d expect them to have their own version of a diesel and the A3 delivers. A family sedan, the A3 delivers highway mileage that’s consistently in the 41 mpg range and around town can easily hit 31 or better. Since it’s an Audi, you can be certain that the interior is well-built to haul people around in a good level of luxury.


    Nissan will soon join the diesel parade to market with a diesel version of its mid-sized Maxima. Already a top-seller and stylish to boot, the Maxima diesel will be ready to compete across the country when it becomes available as a 2011.


    This one’s really an oxymoron because M-B has been offering either a standard aspirated series of diesel cars in this country since the 1960s and in the 1970s began offering a series of turbodiesel models in all of its series, the E-Class, the S-Class and more. In Europe, Mercedes-Benz diesel-powered cabs have been fixtures at airport cab lines for 40 years and offer overall mileage in the upper 30s and the ability to seat at least five in comfort.

    Toyota Tundra

    Toyota introduced a diesel version of its Tundra in 2009 and the enthusiastic press has greeted it with a resounding thumbs up. Toyota also promises a diesel version of its full-sized Sequoia sport utility vehicle. There has been some talk that Toyota is planning a sedan model to join its lineup sometime in the 2011 model year, although this has not yet been confirmed. It would make sense, though, as its Tundra pickup has been well received.