• What Is the Best Car Value Calculator?

    When shopping for a new or used car, a car value calculator can help you save a lot of money. A car value calculator helps you determine the actual market price for a particular new or used car based on several criteria. These criteria usually include: the condition of the car, the mileage on the car and any additional accessories or options that are included. Of course, car value calculators do not consider a car’s mileage from new car valuations.Best Known Car Value CalculatorWhile it might be hard to determine which car value calculator is the best, Kelley Blue Book is certainly the most widely known and used. Kelley Blue Book provides a printed guide to prices for new and used cars as well as a highly interactive website. The Kelley Blue Book website allows consumers to find out the average market value and selling price of almost any new or used car imaginable.On the Kelley Blue Book website you need only enter your ZIP code to start your value search. Then, you can narrow your search to a specific make and model car or truck. Additionally, you can choose from any accessories or options that are available for that particular model. Once you have found the vehicle you’re interested in, the Kelley Blue Book website will then display detailed pricing information for that specific type of vehicle.Kelley Blue Book is particularly useful for information regarding used car pricing. The site allows you to enter information about a particular vehicle such as, mileage, general condition and accessories/options. The site will then display average prices for trading in the vehicle or buying/selling prices for the car.