• What Is a Hybrid Plug In Car?

    The hybrid plug in is the next step in the evolution of the hybrid car.

    The “standard” hybrid, such as the current version of the Prius, uses an electric motor and gasoline engine. Generally, the gasoline engine automatically shuts off when the vehicle is idling, reversing or moving downhill. When accelerating or operating under normal conditions, the gasoline engine and electric motor operate together to reduce the use of fuel. The electric motor is recharged automatically when the vehicle is being driven.

    A plug-in hybrid runs on an electric motor powered by a battery that can be charged by plugging it in to an electrical outlet. These vehicles run strictly on electricity for a certain range, approximately 40-50 miles on the upcoming models. A gasoline powered generator kicks in to recharge the battery if necessary.

    The plug-in hybrid essentially combines the best attributes of a pure electric car and a hybrid. It will allow people to commute to work or run errands exclusively on electric power. However, the gas-powered generator allows prolonged drives if necessary, counteracting the main shortcoming of the electric car. If the generator must be used, the plug-in hybrid still uses significantly less gas than a traditional hybrid.