• What Electric Car Battery Works Best with Conversions

    Before you plan to convert a standard vehicle to a hybrid electric car with a special electric car battery, it’s important to do a bit of research. Electric car conversion is an increasingly popular method of creating more fuel efficient vehicles, particularly amongst drivers who are particularly attached to the vehicle that they drive. Read on for a brief overview of some of the best examples of a hybrid car battery that you should use for your electric car conversion.

    Full Hybrid

    The standard type of battery that is used for a hybrid conversion from a regular petroleum vehicle is the full hybrid battery. This battery is identical to the one that would be found in a hybrid car that’s come directly from the manufacturer’s lot. These result in the greatest level of fuel efficiency in the converted vehicle.

    Mild Hybrid

    These hybrid vehicles must leave the gas portion of the engine on and functioning at all times; the electrical part of the engine component is not powerful enough to work by itself. The battery for this vehicle is different from the battery for the full hybrid. Because you must leave the gas engine on at all times, it’s not quite as fuel efficient to use this type of battery.

    Power Assist Hybrid

    A power assist hybrid relies primarily upon the gasoline engine but uses electrical power to help boost the performance of the car in certain ways. This can be an effective way of converting your vehicle, as this type of car uses very much the same type of configuration as a standard vehicle.