• VW Extended Warranty: Get the Facts

    The VW Extended Warranty, called the Real Driver Plan, can be purchased for your new or used VW. With some simple facts it’s easy to find the plan best suited to your needs.

    Get the Facts

    The comprehensive VW Extended Warranty is designed to cover the costs of repairs for various car components depending on which plan you choose. Only cars less than 9 years old with less than 140,000 miles are eligible. There are 5 economical plans available to protect you from costly and unexpected repairs and more than 5,000 VW authorized service facilities in the United States.

    • Powertrain: This plan covers major engine, transmission, transaxle and drive axle components.
    • Silver: Includes Powertrain coverage and adds major steering, brake, air conditioning, front suspension and electrical components.
    • Gold: Includes Silver and Powertrain coverage adding additional engine, transmission, transaxle, drive axle, steering, brake, air conditioning, front suspension and electrical components.
    • Gold Plus: This plan includes the components of the previous 3 plans and adds coverage of cooling, fuel, rear suspension and electrical.
    • Platinum: This is the ultimate protection plan and covers virtually all mechanical, electronic and electrical components.

    Extended car warranties protect you from repair costs after the original manufacturer’s warranty period ends and the VW Extended Warranty is no exception. With the cost of car repairs increasing there is no better way to protect your new or used car investment than with the purchase of a VW Extended Warranty. Visit your VW dealer or the VW Extended Warranty website for price quotes and additional plan facts.