• Vanity License Plates: Are They Worth It?

    Vanity license plates are simply license plates that bear letters and numbers selected by the driver rather than those that get randomly assigned by the state DMV when the car is registered.

    Are vanity plates worth the money? That is a question for each driver to figure out for themselves. The prices for vanity plates vary from state to state; residents in some states spend $50.00 to get their personalized message onto a vanity plate, while others are charged significantly more. The charge for a vanity plate includes the additional costs to program the industrial facilities to produce a custom-stamped plate.

    Customers at a DMV can also purchase different novelty license plates and license plate styles offered by the state DMV. These include styles such as veteran memorial plates, nature awareness plates and historic themed license plates.

    When ordering vanity plates, drivers are free to use their imagination to select almost any combination of letters and numbers that express their personality. However, there are a few limits in terms of forbidden vocabulary and symbolism. The states have the right to deny a vanity plate that may be offensive to other drivers, and this judgment is up to the issuer. Some drivers have fought in court to keep previously confiscated plates. To some drivers, having their own personal message on a license plate is worth almost any price.