• Using Gas to Electric Car Conversion Kits

    There are several types of electric car conversion kits available for sale. Although many people prefer to get the conversion professionally done, you could use online tutorials and purchase conversion kits to convert your gasoline powered vehicle to a more eco friendly electric car. If you’re carrying out an electric car conversion project for the first time, you’re better off using a basic custom made kit available for specific conventional car models. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t have a custom made electric car conversion kit available in the market, consider working with a universal kit. DC kits are also cheaper and easier to install. However they do not provide as good a range as AC car conversion kits. If you want to convert the car with a kit, bear in mind some of the guidelines listed below.


    • There are several parts and components that are required to carry out the conversion. If you’ve already purchased a custom kit that’s tailored to suit your car, you should carefully follow the instructions listed on the package in order to do a good job. However, if you don’t have a custom made kit, research the type of batteries, electric motors and controllers available and consult your mechanic before making a purchase.
    • Alternatively, purchase a universal car conversion kit that works on several vehicles types. You may need additional parts like mounts, so find out what’s included in your kit before you start working on the car.
    • Since conventional cars are designed to work on gasoline to give you optimal performance, you will have to determine the range that you require before purchasing your batteries. If you want a higher range of nearly 200 miles, you will require batteries that are capable of storing a lot of power. Although you may not be able to benefit from regenerative braking power, you should find out which batteries are ideal for your car’s frame.
    • If you can compromise on range or if you drive around in the city quite often, you’re better off installing the car conversion kit on a lightweight, aerodynamic vehicle. Since you have many options when it comes to using an electric conversion kit, you need to make a good selection so that the vehicle performs according to your expectations.
    • You need to remember that electric car conversion kits aren’t all that cheap. If you’re purchasing good quality batteries or a custom made kit, you will have to end up spending a few thousands. On the other hand, electric cars don’t produce harsh carbon emissions and prevent you from spending on high fuel costs.
    • If you cannot do the conversion yourself, look for a reliable mechanic who can do it for you. Although the conversion can be carried out easily, you will require the assistance of a professional electric car mechanic if the components start to malfunction. You should thus bear this in mind before converting your gas guzzler to an electric car.

    If your car is not ideal for an electric conversion, consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle. You could also avail of tax incentives on qualifying vehicles. Hybrid car technology is here to stay and now is the best time to make a switch, in order to save the environment and reduce your overall expenditure on fuel.