• Used Nissan 240SX: Prices To Expect

    The Nissan 240SX was a popular sports car model that was sold for a limited model year rangethese days, sellers and buyers alike may be wondering what these used Nissan 240SX cars are worth. Here are some guidelines for value on a used Nissan 240SX.

    • Expect unique pricing – as the Nissan 240SX is based on a sports car model, some of them may be customized, and that will affect price. Look for any custom aspects of an engine setup that factor into how much the car is worth.
    • Don’t think of the used Nissan 240SX as a “treasure chest” – unless the car was spotlessly maintained, chances are it has experienced some wear. The value for a Nissan 240SX will be adjusted due to age.
    • Look at estimates by year and mileage – a Kelley Blue Book or other value check will give you a point from which to extrapolate values for used Nissan 240SX models. For example, a basic search on a 1990 240SX with 100,000 on the odometer returns a price range around $1000.
    • Factor in condition – the condition of a car changes its value a lot. For example, in the above case, the suggested private party sale value for the 1990 Nissan 240SX was up to $1450 for a car in excellent condition. Downgraded to a “Fair” condition, the price dropped to $850.
    • Consider the market – economic changes also have an effect on what a buyer is willing to pay for a vehicle. If you need the used Nissan 240SX off your hands, think about how local markets contribute to a final price.

    Use these basic ideas when trying to figure out what a used Nissan 240SX may be worth.