• Used Nissan 240SX: 7 Benefits for Going Pre Owned

    All but ignored by performance car buyers when new, a used Nissan 240SX has since gained a new found respect among those same buyers. The 240SX was first introduced in 1989 and sold in its first generation till 1994. In 1995 Nissan introduced the 2nd Generation 240SX. The chassis and body were redesigned. Wider and with a longer wheelbase it was only offered in a coupe version.The following is a list of 7 benefits for buying a used Nissan 240SX that make it an exceptional choice for someone looking for a sport coupe on a budget.

    1. Above average performance: The 240SX originally came with a 2.4-liter, 140bhp SOHC engine. In 1991 upgraded to a DOHC, 155bhp engine. While not huge power numbers they provided plenty of grunt for the light weight sport coupe.
    2. Precise handling: A wide wheel-base and a sport tuned suspension gave the Nissan 240SX handling comparable to many, more expensive, sport coupes.
    3. Rear wheel drive: The main reason that it is the car of choice for the drifting crowd. There is a reason that nearly all high performance race cars are rear wheel drive.
    4. Selection of body styles: The 1st and most popular generation Nissan 240SX was produced from 1989 to 1994 and was available in 3 body styles. The hatchback, coupe and from 1992 to 1994 a convertible was available.
    5. Excellent reliability: As have most Nissans, the 240Sx has garnered a reputation for quality and reliability. First introduced in 1989, many are still on the road today.
    6. Parts availability: Due to it being the car of choice for the drifting crowd combined with its styling and performance, a large after-market industry has grown around the Nissan 240SX. Your local parts store will carry a large inventory of parts and a quick search of the Internet will find just about anything needed that isn’t available locally.
    7. Price: Kelley Blue Book has prices ranging from $1000 for older models to $5700 for later models in excellent shape.

    If you are looking for a user-friendly sports coupe on a budget you would be hard pressed to go wrong with a used Nissan 240SX.