• Used Luxury Cars: Top Models to Consider Based Off of User Reviews and Ratings

    Buying used luxury cars is really a great way to enjoy the thrill of owning a reliable car, but have been impacted by tough economic times. Used luxury cars show their value when you see that not only are they more affordable after a few years, but that they do not drop off much after that. Of course, add to that, most of the used luxury cars are traded in after only a few years means that there is still a factory warranty attached. If you are looking for used luxury cars for your next vehicle purchase, here are a few to choose from.

    Acura TL

    The Acura TL first came around a few years ago, however it did not really shine until the third generation was brought out. This Acura sedan provides a great value for families that are on a budget, but still want to have a reliable car sitting in their driveway. Many of the luxuries found in big names like BMW and Mercedes are found within the TL like GPS, DVD theater, and heated seats. Starting at around $18,000 for a used TL, this is a wonderful value. However, the 21 MPG in city driving makes the TL an even better value.

    BMW 325i

    Offering up its well known combination of beauty and superior performance, the 3 series from BMW makes a great used car for anyone who wants to jump into a Beemer. Starting at $15,000 and working up to $22,000 depending on the actual mileage and condition, the 325i is sports a 2.6 liter inline 6-cylinder engine. Estimated MPG is a very respectable 27 MPG on the highway. With enough room for a small family, and plenty of luggage space for a trip, there is a lot of potential in a used BMW 325i.

    Lexus Es

    Out of the many different Lexus models, the Lexus ES one of the more reliable used luxury cars around today. Besides looking good from the outside, the interior has a lot of room, leather, and special Lexus amenities.  In terms of overall value, it is the power of the 3.3 liter V6 and 27 MPG rating that really make this used car a great for anyone looking for a moderately priced, durable luxury sedan.

    Audi A4

    Through the last several years, many people have said that the quattro all wheel drive system of the Audi A4 is among one of the most reliable and safe. Classified as a sports sedan, the A4 gives owners the best of both worlds. Because of the engineering, you are able to accelerate quickly when you need to, handle long curving roads, and stop your car on a dime. The A4 not only fun to drive but also very safe for people traveling with their loved ones. New Audi A4 owners tend to hold onto their vehicle a little longer than most, but there is still a lot of use left in it after they are traded in.

    Volvo S60

    As far as used cars go in customer satisfaction, the Volvo S60 is a leader. Known for their great safety rating, the size of this luxury sedan is one of its best features. The wide stance and bullet proof like exterior make the S60 very easy and safe to drive.