• Used Car Reports: Specifications They Must Have

    If you are in the market for a used car, you should definitely review used car reports. Used car reports provide a detailed history of a car that can enable potential buyers to make better purchase decisions. For most used car report services, such as AutoCheck and CarsDirect, all you need is the used car’s VIN number. The service will run a VIN check and you should be able to determine if the vehicle that you have your eye on is worth the asking price. Here are some of the most important things to look for in used car reports.

    Previous Damage

    Good used car reports should include a history of the damage that the vehicle has endured throughout its use. The damage can range from flood, to fire, to accidental and so on. If a potential buyer becomes aware of some previous damage issues, he or she can better determine if the vehicle is worth its price.

    Accident History

    If the vehicle was involved in one or multiple car accidents, you should know about it. Good used car reports should inform you about the number of times the vehicle crashed. At the very least, a history of accidents should push the buyer to further investigate the car’s condition.

    Odometer Issues

    A car’s mileage is one of the most crucial determining factors of its value. Good used car reports should point out any inconsistencies or problems with the odometer in the vehicle’s past. You should be able to find out if the odometer has ever been rolled back by a dealer or reported as malfunctioning by a state DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

    Owner/Usage History

    If you’re buying a used car, wouldn’t you like to know how it was used and for what purposes? Good used car reports should let you know if the used vehicle was ever a rental car or part of a fleet. These types of vehicle histories can impact a car’s value and any prospective buyer should be aware of them.

    Service Records

    If you really want to know how the car is going to run, having a car’s previous service records should help. Used car reports should include all available service records for the vehicle, as this information can help identify potential problems and give the buyer a better idea about how the car may perform in the future.

    Buying a used car can be scary sometimes, maybe even nightmarish if you end up purchasing one that is falling apart. However, your fear of buying a used car can be stifled by obtaining a good used car report. The $15 to $50 you’ll spend on one may save you thousands of dollars in the future, so you’d be wise to employ one of these services before buying your next used vehicle.