• Used Acura RSX: 8 Benefits For Going Pre Owned

    A reputation for excellent reliability and impressive performance makes purchasing an used Acura RSX an attractive proposition for those looking for both luxury and performance.

    The Acura RSX was available in base and “Type-S” trim levels throughout its 5 year production run until it was replaced by the Acura TSX.

    Introduced in 2002 by Honda as a replacement for the Acura Integra Coupe, the Acura RSX was based on an entirely new platform that would also be shared with the 2001 Civic. More luxurious than the Acura Integra it replaced, it still maintained a performance image. This attracted Honda Civic Si drivers who aimed to move more upscale without spending more money as well as others looking for the same.

    Compiled here is a list of 8 of the many benefits of buying an used Acura RSX.

    1. The Acura RSX was based on an entirely new platform that would also be shared with the 2001 Civic. The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars in the world so you can be sure it will be well engineered.

    2. The Acura RSX was sold with most desirable features standard. It was available in both base and “Type-S” trim levels, with the only major upgrades taking place in the 2005 model year. Those wanting a comfortable car for their daily commute with a significant fun factor would do well with the base model.

    3. The base Acura RSX came with a technologically advanced i-VTEC system, 160 hp motor, and the choice of either an automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission.

    4. For those wanting more performance, Honda provided the Acura RSX Type-S. Originally equipped with a 200 horsepower four cylinder motor, it was later upgraded to a high-revving 210 hp power plant. With an 8100rpm redline, it is loads of fun to flick through the gears while still maintaining a civility for your daily commute. Both versions of the Type-S came with a superb short throw 6-speed transmission.

    5. The Acura RSX’s sport-tuned suspension combined with a low weight of 2734 lbs give the RSX superb handling. The car stays flat through the corners, as it absorbs small bumps without any of the harshness associated with other sport coupes.

    6. Rated an EPA 27 miles-per-gallon city and 33 on the highway, the Acura RSX possesses better fuel mileage than many other sport hatchbacks and coupes.

    7. Being a 4-cylinder, front-wheel-drive layout, the RSX boasts comfortable seating for four adults and nearly 18 cubic feet of cargo space.

    8. An used Acura RSX is an excellent value with prices ranging from $7,200 up to $20,000 for Type-S examples in low-mileage cars in excellent condition.

    You would be hard-pressed to find a used vehicle that combines performance, reliability and luxury at the same price as a used Acura RSX.