• Understanding What a Used Car Salesman Is Looking For

    A used car salesman is not very different from any other salesman: he or she is trying to sell you something. Whenever a person is trying to sell something, they may resort to certain tactics. A dealer of used car sales may have some used car sales tricks up their sleeve, so you’ll want to be prepared to handle your buying experience properly.

    A used car salesman is trying to make money. The cars available for sale are purchased at a price that is usually lower than the asking price on the sticker. Salespeople will try to point out the positive attributes of a vehicle and downplay its negatives. They are looking for uneducated buyers, as buyers who gain most of their knowledge from a salesman are more likely to pay more money than they need to. Also, note that car dealership sales usually involve car sales incentives. The salesman may try to encourage you to use these incentives in an attempt to get you to make the purchase. He or she may point out that the current financing offer is “too good to pass up” or that the sticker price “is so low, if you don’t buy the car now, it will be gone tomorrow.” While some of the information that a salesman gives you may be true, you should always be educated before you walk onto the lot.

    Not all used car salesmen are out to get you, but they are surely in the business of making money. You’ll want to be aware of what a used car salesman is looking for, so you can properly assess the information that he or she is giving you and be better able to make the correct car buying decision.