• Top Wheelchair Minivan Models: Comparing Vans and Handicapped Cars

    If you or someone else in your family requires the use of a wheelchair in order to enjoy a free range of mobility, you may be interested in purchasing a wheelchair minivan to help you to better drive and get around in a vehicle. Wheelchair conversion vehicles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and models, but the most important thing that you’ll need to keep in mind is which one suits your personal needs the best. This can depend upon whether you need wheelchair access mini vans to drive or if you’ll be a passenger.

    Top Minivan Models

    Some of the top minivan models that are regularly converted into wheelchair access minivans include the Dodge Grand Caravan, the Plymouth Grand Voyager and the Honda Odyssey. One of the reasons that a minivan is a great choice of vehicle to use as a wheelchair access car is that most American models of this type feature sliding doors on the side. Whether you have a vehicle with one sliding door or one on each side, this will make the process of accessing the vehicle in a wheelchair much easier. It helps to make installing a lift more straightforward, and increases the options that you have for lifts as well.

    Smaller Cars

    While smaller cars are occasionally used as wheelchair access vehicles, these cars tend to not have many of the advantages warranted to a minivan or a full size van. These include the interior space, ease of access via a side door and lift options that these larger vehicles possess.