• Top Sites and Companies for Cheap Classic Car Restoration Parts

    Finding classic car restoration parts can involve plenty of frustration and time online and on the phone, trying to source the parts you need. Knowing places that have a good range of classic car restoration parts for sale regularly can cut down on your work.


    Kanter Auto Products is a major supplier of auto restoration supplies. They have a wide selection of parts for all types of classic cars, including classic car interior parts, which can be especially difficult to find. Most of their sales are online (they’re based in New Jersey), although they will supply print catalogs. They’ve established an enviable reputation for service and being able to fill most requests.

    USA Parts Supply

    USA Parts Supply specializes in parts for older Cadillacs, Fords, Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles. They will gladly send out a catalog, and do much of their work on the phone, although classic car restoration parts can be ordered online via email. Having well-trained staff on the phone will help any potential buyer. That makes them very service oriented.

    Old Buick Parts

    For those with old Buicks, Old Buick Parts is the ideal source for classic car restoration parts. The company stocks parts for Buicks from 1924 onward, so they’re about as complete as it’s possible to be. Customers can order online, and the prices are very reasonable. It’s also possible to order on the phone if the customer prefers, and the staff is able to answer questions. The company also has rebuilding services available for different systems in old Buicks if customers require them.