• Tips on Buying a Cheap Used Car

    Buying a cheap used car is all about patience and luck, scrounging the internet for “deals” on used cars, and not settling for a higher price than the car is worth. And while we may not all be bargain hunters at heart, deals can be had if you look hard enough and follow a couple of easy rules:


    • Most car-selling sites (such as CarsDirect) have an automatically updating system that immediately shows the newest ads – while the print versions have a specific day for updates. Always look at the most recent ads to see if any good stuff pops up.
    • Forget ebay.com – unless you are looking at older or classic cars – as the ads cost more to run and sellers are expecting a certain amount based on reserves. Check out sites like craigslist.com and carsdirect.com for cheap used cars in your area.
    • One of the most important parts of a getting a great deal on a used car is to show your seriousness by making your offer in person. It can be difficult to refuse cash in person, especially if a seller has had their cars advertised for months without interest.
    • Always have a budget in mind – which will help you determine what cars are in your price range. After seeing what these cars go for, you can get a feel for the ads that are noticeably cheaper than most. Those are the ads you want to look for.
    • Look out for salvage or theft-recovery vehicles, as these sometimes have attractively low prices. Buying cars without clean titles can be risky.

    The term “cheap” can be used relatively loosely. What may seem like a great deal to one person may seem like a fortune to the next. And while me may not all have the patience and tenacity to wait for a phenomenal deal, there are some simple things that we can do to ensure that we don’t get burned on our used car purchase. Remember to compare prices of similar vehicles in the same condition to really gauge just how “cheap” some cars are.