• Three Features that Make a Good SUV Great

    If you’re looking to convert your good SUV into a great one, or if you’re in the market for a truly outstanding vehicle, consider the following features. SUV specifications are generally comparable for different vehicles in the same price range and vehicle class. It’s difficult to get a more powerful vehicle without spending a lot of money on a top end or luxury SUV. However, there are other features that can help to promote your car and turn a good SUV into a great one.

    Number 1 — Third Row Removable Seat

    If you have a full size or a mid-size SUV, make sure the vehicle has a third row seat that can be easily removed. This allows the most comfort and flexibility in the uses that you put your car through. You can either fit up to 7 passengers comfortably or remove the rear seat and store a good sized piece of furniture, cargo or other materials.

    Number 2 — Spacious Interior

    Many SUVs are surprisingly cramped inside. Be sure to watch out for those vehicles that provide a comfortable ride for all passengers, even when full to capacity.

    Number 3 — Good Gas Mileage and Fuel Emissions

    SUVs are notoriously bad for their poor gas mileage ratings and heavy polluting. However, hybrid and energy-efficient SUVs have come into the market in the last couple of years and are taking off in terms of popularity. Be sure you get an environmentally friendly vehicle that will help you to save money by costing you less for gas.