• Three American Hybrid Cars to Want

    If you’re in the market for one of many American hybrid cars, it’s best to begin your search by familiarizing yourself with the options. The spread of hybrid smart car vehicles and other hybrids made in America is constantly expanding as more and more manufacturers are taking on the challenge of developing fuel efficient cars. When making a hybrid cars comparison to decide which vehicle is best for you, keep the following types of American cars in mind.

    Ford Fusion

    The Ford Fusion is the leading standard size hybrid car that’s made in America. This car follows after the award winning Toyota Prius, the first major hybrid vehicle and one of the most successful. The Fusion features an excellent fuel efficiency, environmentally friendly emissions and more.

    Ford Escape

    The Escape is Ford’s SUV hybrid vehicle. it’s a compact SUV, so the vehicle is light weight and still quite fuel efficient. This makes a great choice for someone interested in buying a car that is a hybrid but that also has enough room to carry a number of people and other cargo pieces as well.

    Mercury Mariner

    The Mariner is a relatively new hybrid vehicle that’s been added to the mix by American manufacturer Mercury. This car is also a compact SUV, and it rivals the Ford Escape by being a luxury vehicle. In addition to excellent hybrid capabilities, it also features a range of top of the line custom amenities.

    Ask a dealer in your area for more information about any of these vehicles or other hybrids.