• The Truth About Used Car Dealerships

    Used car dealerships are places where you can look for a used vehicle. You’ll typically see many more of these along the streets than the larger new car dealerships. Some may resemble new car dealerships, complete with multiple car lots and maybe even a showroom, while others are nothing more than small mom and pop shops. If you are looking to purchase a used vehicle, you will most likely be visiting some of these used car dealerships, so you should know the truth about what they are and how they operate.

    At used car dealerships, you’ll typically see a great variety of car makes, models, and colors. Some used car dealers may be brand-specific, such as Buick and GMC car dealers, but most of them do not really discriminate and carry many different car brands. They obtain a diverse selection of cars through different methods, such as auctions, trade-ins and private sales. The variety of vehicles at these used car dealerships can be a good thing, as you’ll have a lot to choose from.

    Another good thing about used car dealerships is the pricing of the vehicles. Because typical used car dealerships are smaller than their larger, new car selling counterparts, you should be able to pay less for your car. These smaller dealers most likely do not have to pay as many bills as the larger dealers, so they can afford to give you a lower price.

    One last really good thing about used car dealers is that you may be able to do some bargaining. Since these dealers do not usually have to answer to some higher power (a big automotive corporation), you may have some luck with trying to talk down a vehicle’s price. Just remember that the dealer wants to sell every car on the lot, so try to make an offer that will be difficult to refuse.

    Although used car dealerships can provide some great variety and money saving benefits, there are some things you should watch out for. The first thing to be aware of is the likelihood of buying a car used with a good warranty. As opposed to new car dealerships, which can sell late-model used cars with remaining factory warranties and tacked-on extended warranties, most of the cars you’ll find at a used car dealership will have much less substantial warranties, if any at all. You should understand which warranties a used car dealer will offer on a specific car, and if no warranty is offered, be absolutely sure about the car’s condition in relation to its price. Since used cars vary widely in quality, do your best to inspect the car and understand its condition. Used car reports, such as Autocheck, are great places to start.

    One other potential pitfall of used car dealerships are the salespeople. While it is most likely the salesperson you’ll be dealing with is totally professional and honest, you still have to watch out for the few, crooked and dishonest ones. Again, it is very important to inspect any vehicle you are considering so you can know if the asking price is reasonable.

    Used car dealerships are great places to browse for and purchase used cars. Buying a used car can be a great value, as long as you make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Be sure to use the advantages of used car dealerships, while at the same time, understand the things you need to watch out for.