• The Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Luxury Cars

    If you searching for the most fuel efficient luxury cars, you’re in the right place. As gasoline and diesel prices continue to cause stress at the pumps, even buyers of expensive high end sedans are searching for best MPG rated luxury cars. Luxury cars cost plenty; so, it only makes sense to purchase one that won’t bankrupt when it’s time to fill up. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the most fuel-efficient luxury cars.

    1.) BMW 335d – MPG: 23 in the City and 36 on the Highway

    Many people may have never considered a diesel powered luxury car. However, the 335d is changing the minds of many owners that are looking for an entry-level luxury car that gets outstanding mileage. The BMW 335d diesel version retains all of the driving and handling characteristics that have made the gasoline versions so popular; while at the same time, offering a vehicle that is much more fuel efficient and environmentally responsible. MSRP on a 2010 model is $43,950.

    2.) Lexus HS 250h – MPG: 35 in the City and 34 on the Highway

    The only true hybrid on our list is a favorite among sites that provide luxury car comparisons, and for good reason. The HS 250h is the first true luxury car that offers the environmental and money saving advantages of hybrid technology. The car is instantly recognizable as a Lexus, comes with gadgets and options galore and is affordably priced under $40,000.

    3.) Lexus ES 350 – MPG: 19 in the City and 27 on the Highway

    The Lexus ES 350 is another of the manufacturer’s popular entry-level luxury sedans. The ES 350 not only gets good gas mileage for a vehicle of its size, the comfort and quiet ride of the vehicle is also impressive. The vehicle has plenty of legroom for driver and passengers alike and has a spacious, well designed cabin that helps to make the vehicle what many believe is the best in its class. Pricing for the Lexus ES 350 starts at $35,175.

    4.) Hyundai Genesis – MPG: 18 in the City and 27 on the Highway

    The Hyundai Genesis is a full size luxury sedan that has won many awards as Car of the Year from various automotive publications and websites. The vehicle has been so well received because of its high level of comfort and luxury in a car that is priced at $33,000. In fact, many reviewers of the Hyundai Genesis claim that the vehicle compares very well to vehicles that cost up to twice as much. Even when fully loaded, the Genesis is priced under $40,000.

    5.) Cadillac CTS – MPG: 18 in the City and 27 on the Highway

    Many readers may be surprised that Cadillac produces one of the most fuel-efficient luxury vehicles on the road. After decades of primarily been known for producing large, gas guzzling luxury cars, Cadillac has achieved something very special with the CTS. The vehicle comes standard with a hand stitched leather seats that are as comfortable as you would find in a $300,000 Bentley. Being a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the car handles like a true sport sedan and is a joy to drive. The CTS is not cheap, however, and the well-equipped model will set you back about $50,000.