• The Top 10 Luxury Cars: Based Off Consumer Reviews, Price, Reliability, and MPG

    The top 10 luxury cars based on reviews, price, reliability, and gas mileage are a mixed bunch of cars that cover a wide range of styles. 

    1. Ford Flex

    The Flex is Ford’s attempt at building a crossover SUV that embraces both the passenger room of an SUV and the styling of a luxury sedan. This 7 passenger SUV is available in 5 different trim levels that range from a front wheel drive model to an all wheel drive limited trim. The Flex starts at $28,000 and can get up to 25 MPG with highway driving.

    2. Chrysler 300

    The 300 is a four door luxury family sedan that is both beautiful to look at and a sheer joy to drive. The powerful V8 engine has enough power to move the large sedan without any problems or lack of acceleration. With a $44,000 price tag for the 300C all wheel drive model, you can expect a decent 26 MPG for added value.

    3. Mercedes Benz C Class

    A family sports sedan, this four door luxury vehicle carries on the tradition of great Mercedes performance and reliability. Starting at $33,000 for the base 3.0 liter V6, the C Class can go up to the C63 sports sedan with a 6.2 liter V8 that will cost $60,000. MPG is on the small side with 19 MPG on the highway for the larger engine.

    4. Ford Mustang

    The Mustang has long been a name synonymous with sports cars. However, the newer versions, while still keeping its sports tradition alive, has a little more luxury added into the mix. The large 5.0 liter V8 offers great value with its 25 MPG rating for highway driving.

    5. Mercedes Benz E Class

    This Mercedes sports coupe can come in a 2, or 4-door configuration with up to 5 passenger capacity. Starting price is at $48,000 but there is a lot of added value built into that. The 28 MPG highway rating is great for its V8 engine and 518 horsepower. 

    6. Lexus IS

    The incredible looking IS is a four door sedan with a manual transmission and rear wheel drive. The 3.5 V6 motor provides a lot of power for its size, coupled with great gas mileage, at 19 MPG in city driving. The roomy interior seats five passengers very comfortably.

    7. Honda Pilot

    Following Honda tradition, this full size SUV is available in 12 different trim levels for great options and diversity. Being able to carry 8 passengers is a big reason why the Pilot is very popular, especially with larger families. The 22 MPG highway rating is a little on the low side, but the extra capacity is a plus.

    8. BMW 5 Series

    The 5 series from BMW is a beautiful 4-door sedan that adds style and power together for a great combination that people really expect from BMW. Starting at $45,000, the V6 engine stretches your dollar even further with a great 28 MPG on the highway.

    9. Audi A4

    A luxury wagon from Audi is not your typical wagon. With great power, room, and exterior style many consumers love the way that this car handles and looks. The $31,000 entry level price is a great value as well as the 27 MPG highway rating.

    10. Ford Taurus

    For years the Taurus has been a leader in the Ford stable. It wasn’t until recently that it elevated to luxury status. Very affordable at $25,000, the redesigned Taurus is beautiful to look at as well as economical to drive.