• The Hybrid Car Vs. The Electric Car

    Thanks to today’s technology we now have more choices in the type of car we drive than ever before including the gasoline powered car, the hybrid car, the electric car, the solar powered vehicle, electric car conversion and even the air powered car. The power options can also be very confusing to the average consumer making the choice between the traditional gasoline powered vehicle and an electric car. Below listed are some of the differences between the hybrid car and the electric car.

    The Hybrid Car

    The hybrid car runs on a gasoline but has the ability to also run on electricity for a short period of time. These cars have the same general driving range of a gas powered vehicle but with the addition of electricity can go a certain distance without using any fuel at all. The hybrid car also recharges its own batteries so that they are always ready to go.  They do have a little less power then the average gas only powered vehicle however and their smaller size can be considered both an advantage as well as a disadvantage to the American consumer.

    The electric car

    The electric car is a vehicle that uses electricity only to power the vehicle. They are generally small and compact like the hybrid car but do not have the travel range of the gasoline powered hybrid or gasoline only vehicles. Although technology is catching up the maximum distance these vehicles currently travel before needing to be “plugged in” is about 100 to 250 miles. They take about 10 hours for a full charge though most will give an 80% charge in under an hour and be ready to go again if need be.