• The Cheapest Method for a Cross Country Car Transport: 3 Options to Consider

    You might require cross country car transport services if you’re relocating to a new place, or if you’ve purchased or sold a vehicle that needs to be transported to another state. There are a number of ways you can transport your car from one place to the other, and it’s important to study the different options based on price and convenience before making a choice.

    Options to consider:

    1. Do it yourself

    This is the cheapest method of getting your car across the country. You could either drive it yourself or tow it. If you decide to drive it yourself, it’s crucial that your mechanic inspects the car to find out if it is in good condition to cover the distance involved. This will, however, involve a fair bit of wear and tear and could lower the value of your vehicle. The other option is to rent a car and tow your vehicle. If you choose to tow your car, it’s advisable to choose a trailer instead of a dolly, as this will put your vehicle through less wear and tear. Although you’ll be paying for the rental and the gas, driving the car yourself will still be cheaper than getting professional help.

    2. Moving Companies

    It may be more convenient to hire a car transportation company that will take care of everything for you. Although you will spend more money by entrusting professionals to transport your car, the peace of mind will be well worth the money spent.

    3. Rail

    Another option is using the railroad to transport your car to the new destination. This is cheaper than road transport and can cost less than $1,000. Since you won’t use any gasoline and there will be no carbon emissions when you transport your car by train, this is an environmentally friendly option. The service offered by Amtrak is dependable. However, these services are limited, as they are offered on very few routes. Another popular rail shipping company is Auto Transport by Rail, and this company provides extensive services to all parts of the country.

    There are a number of cheap options available, and if you do your research well before deciding which option is best suited to your needs, you can get the service you want at a reasonable price.