• The Best Used Cars To Buy

    Obtaining one of the best used cars available can also be one of the greatest buys in the automotive world; as long as you obtain a legitimate deal on one. If you have your mind on a specific new car, you can find a used version with the same body style and performance for much less of a cost. Whether you are looking for a used sedan or a used minivan, this list of the best used cars should assist you in making your decision:

    Best Compact Sedan:

    The Hyundai Elantra , re-designed in 2001, has good performance, a smooth ride, a sturdy platform, good reliability and good gas mileage. This car also showcases ample interior room for its class, making it a great choice for a cheap, reliable used car.

    Best Midsize Sedan:

    The Toyota Camry is characterized by a quiet, comfortable ride, and is superior in the area of reliability. This sedan offers a generous amount of power with a V6 engine and a hybrid version offering up to 43 mpg for highway driving.

    Best Large Sedan:

    The Hyundai Azera is one of Hyundai’s newest additions to their line-up. Like all other Hyundai models, this car is known for it’s reliability. However, this vehicle also offers the appearance of a luxury car on the inside and out for much less money than a luxury sedan, making it a great choice for a used car.

    Best Coupe:

    The BMW 3 Series has a history of being a great sporty feeling vehicle. The 3 Series has a great amount of power and some of the most athletic feeling suspension and steering that can be found on a vehicle. All-wheel-drive is also available, making this the perfect, safe, reliable BMW to get for a great used car.

    Best Convertible:

    The Mazda Miata has an ultra-responsive steering configuration, great transmission, and an engine that supplies it with the power it needs. This car offers a surplus of aftermarket upgrades, great gas mileage, and stellar reliability, making it a popular choice for used car buyers.

    Best Compact SUV:

    The Chevrolet Equinox may be small, but provides plenty of interior room and peppy performance. It also offers plenty seating options in order to give more leg room or cargo room to make the journey more comfortable. The Equinox has great crash test scores and good gas mileage to make for a great entry-level SUV.

    Best Midsize SUV:

    The Mitsubishi Endeavor is a sporty SUV that rides like a car, has great reliability and also offers great crash test ratings. This is a fantastic choice for families of four or five, being there is no third-row seating, as this car is offered for thousands less than others in it’s class.

    Best Large SUV:

    Look no further than the Chevrolet Tahoe for a large vehicle that gives you great performance, attractive style, and a comfortable driving experience. Larger versions of the Tahoe can provide seating for up to 9 people, and fairly responsive handling for such a large vehicle. An optional 5.3-liter V8 is also available to make for a great option for towing.

    Best Minivan/Van

    The 6-cylinder Honda Odyssey has the most powerful V6 in it’s class, and sits seven passengers comfortably. With Honda’s highly rated reliability and quality coupled with great crash test scores, this model can be considered one of the best in its class in transporting families safely.

    While these are considered the best choices for a used vehicle, they are clearly not all the choices that can be made. However, these models are considered the best of the best for a reason. Looking at more models from these manufacturers and using this list to assist you will hopefully make for an easier time searching for that great used car.